There are many myths surrounding who can foster, meaning that many people rule themselves out as possible foster carers unnecessarily.


Is there an age limit for fostering children in the UK? 

I’m under 21?

There is no legal lower age limit for fostering. Some fostering services set their own minimum age – often 21 in line with the law for adoption. There is an expectation that foster carers will have sufficient life experience to enable them to meet the needs of children placed with them, and age can be a factor in this.

However, if a fostering service refuses to consider an application from a young adult of 18 or over based solely on age, they must be able to justify this under age discrimination laws.

I’m over 60?

Legally there is no upper age limit to foster, and there are many fantastic foster carers in their 60s or 70s. Fostering services are able to set their own upper age limit.

What matters is that you are fit and able to care for and meet the needs of any child you are approved to look after.