Transfer to Us…

…and let us guide you through the process!

Why transfer?

A lot of foster carers transfer to us and we are very used to helping you do this. We hear again and again from foster carers who want to transfer because;

  • they do not have enough support
  • their agency has lost its ‘family feel’
  • they do not feel valued anymore
  • there has been a change of staff or ownership.

Whatever the reason for wanting to leave your current agency, you are self-employed and are entitled to transfer to whichever agency you want to as long as the local authority agrees. Any young people you have living with you are not at risk of being moved just because you change agency. Don’t be worried about how your current agency might react. We will support you through the process. It is your right to transfer if you are not happy.

Talk to us!

If you have children placed we will usually arrange a protocol meeting attended by the local authority, your current agency and ourselves. A date is set at that meeting when you will transfer to us. This link explains the process: Transfer Protocols. We will explain the process every step of the way. You do not need to redo Skills to Foster training if it was fairly recent and we will just need to redo your dbs and read your files as well as getting a reference from your current agency. It should be very straightforward.

    How to Apply

    Fill in the form below and we will call you back within a day and explain the process to you.

    There is never any pressure put on you to transfer and the information you give us is confidential.


    What our Foster Carers have to say about us!

    I absolutely love this Fostering Agency they are so understanding, caring and compassionate towards our family and children. They are there every step of the way even when things are tough, most disappear at this stage and we are left to get on with it. I have worked for a few companies now so I have something to compare it to, it’s the best move we made and now couldn’t imagine working for anyone else.


    Great Fostering Agency. So supportive and caring.


    It’s been a whole year since becoming part of the Apex family and we can honestly say we could not possibly feel better supported! Must mention Sali especially as without you we may well have given up. So glad we didnt and thank you for everything you do for us and all the other foster families. Top marks x


    Amazing agency the support is fantastic 24 hours seven days a week. Everything is dealt with straight away as a carer I feel valued and my child feels listened to. Feels like a massive family support from other carers and never feel judged if you have any worries.
    Sali checks in at least once a week. All social workers knows our names and we are not just a number!
    Nothing is ever to much bother – 5 star agency!!!


    Since moving across to Apex Fostering we have found such a brilliant team and great support, not only for us, but our children too – which we feel has improved us as a family. Apex are like a big extended family, very approachable which is very important in your fostering journey. The training/advice that is provided is very good and has helped us as a family overcome any concerns that can crop up from time to time. Apex are an amazing agency and I personally would recommend them to anyone looking for a career in fostering.


    *All quotes original (TrustPilot) , but images have been replaced to ensure privacy of our carers.